Studio Door & New Music Project Update

Hey 2016, so far so good. I've been loving my new music endeavours this year. Last month I played with HM3 at The Merrow and creatively covered a David Bowie song. Imagine, a jazz fusion band and dj playing that ---- siiiiick.

CHECK THIS LITTLE BIT OUT--> HM3's Let's Dance cover.

In two weeks, Feb. 17 I'll be playing with HM3 again at the STUDIO DOOR 7-8pm. $5 entry.

S'ppose to be fuuuun. Come on down.

As promised, I told you all I'd keep you posted on my new musical project. Well, here's the update--->

For our upcoming season on Tonight In San Diego (projected to begin late March), I'll be leading a live house band trio! I'll still DJ on the show, but the band will play a huge part in the episodes as well. The band and I have been rehearsing for a few weeks now and it's really coming together. Good people. Good musicians.

That's all for now...

Thumbs Up & High-Five,


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