Bass Lessons, SD Film Awards, TISD & Sharon's Ride.Walk. Run

When it was decided that I was going to start a house band for Tonight In San Diego, I thought that I'd brush up and take a bass guitar class. I found this fantastic online class called Scott's Bass Lessons and joined in February.

SBL (as it's called) is a vibrant and supportive bass community online. People are very kind and helpful. On the website are places to post your work, projects, and participate in challenges. I decided to join a challenge where we all had the same backing track (minus the bass) and needed to create/play a bass line to it.

I was surprised that my bass line was noticed and was mentioned on the weekly Academy Show they post online! Check it ---> So cool!!!

I've had the privilege to meet some wonderfully talented film makers in San Diego and I get to DJ their after party! All you aspiring film makers, check out the San Diego Film Consortium.

Tonight In San Diego begins its fourth season in a new home, with new hosts, and a band of its own! The show has partnered with The Historical Spreckels Theatre to use their adjacent stage known as The Raw Space for live tapings. Our new host is San Diego's Funniest Person Contest winner Jesse Egan. The new cohost is local comedian/actor/writer/raconteur Keith Foster!

A band? Yup! Here's our new band for the show...The Mondaze.

Nina Leilani: Keys, Vocals

DJ Teelynn: Bass, Vocals, DJ

Richard Galiguis: Drums

Last year I was asked to DJ for a charity event called Sharon's RIDE.WALK.RUN for Epilepsy. It was a beautiful event and I was lucky they called me back this year. I love spreading the music love to events like these.

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